kanna's dungeon

welcome to my page! i created this page for a number of reasons but my main reason is that i had always wanted to make myself a blog as a kid but was too stupid (and lazy) to put in the effort to learn HTML and CSS and now i've discovered that i really enjoy doing this as a hobby! i plan to use this site to write about random shit that i- and other people- find cool and other useless stuff but maybe the time will come where i write about something slightly important... who knows~ i'm also using this site to get away from the cesspool of modern social media that i find myself consuming a little too much sometimes but it happens to the best of us i suppose.. this will also act as an archive for media and other things once i get that put together but it's probably going to be a while. you can email me or use my comments on neocities to ask me any questions. thanks for reading, see ya around and stay safe.

site updates

1.18.24 ↴

homepage "revamp" finished sort of, i need to add more links and stuff but that will come eventually. if you linked me, leave me a comment on my neocities profile letting me know so i can link you back ^^b

1.16.24 - 1.17.24 ↴

finally returned to webmastering! changed homepage to the original homepage and index to a new one. overall, cleaned everything up cuz i noticed my html and css sheets were super messy and unpleasant to work with so i'm slowly but surely getting them organized. i plan on adding an old layout feature for the homepage and any other pages i re-do. lots more changes to come.

1.10.23 ↴

changed the home page, i think having two "navigation pages" is a little silly so now its just the lucky star one. i'll probably pick this up again; i've had a lot of ideas for things. might change color palettes and stuff but we'll see.

10.9.22 ↴

finished the dream log! working on the diary part..i decided to do some javascript for the diary so its gonna be done in a couple days. thats all for now! edit: i decided i don't wanna do any javascript... 10.10.22

10.8.22 ↴

i think i finished my profile! i changed some background stuff and added more about my interests and pieces of my favorite media. i was really dreading working on it since ive been busy lately but it's finally done so woohoo... the next thing i plan to work on is my media and reviews, and maybe get my diary going. my gallery will probably be done very last because i have so much stuff i wan't to put in it so it's gonna take some time to figure out how i want it to be set up. i also made a pink button variant.

10.4.22 ↴

added a guestbook and finished homepage. i did add a visitor count but FC2counter won't let me login for some reason so that sucks but it'll be up and running again soon enough! i also made a button today so woohoo!! i wanna add music buuuut... i cant think of anything.. im definitely gonna continue working on my profile for the next day or so. there's a lot i wanna do with it. i still have to add links to the link section but that'll be done soon.

song of the week: i hate it too - hum

started 10.4.22