kanna's dungeon
guestbook about me
welcome to my dungeon! i created this page to share things i enjoy with others who also enjoy those things! i'm probably going to write about many different things here including: animanga, movies, games, books, music, and my thoughts on certain topics. i originally created this page to express myself. i feel as though expressing your personality in a way that is most comfortable for you is something that is very important. i love talking about my interests to people who enjoy the same things i do! i'll definitely write about my interests more in my "about me" section and plan on making shrines and a gallery but until then, i'll just write about the site even though i'm not sure what else i should write about...i guess the main reason i made this site is because i don't really like using instagram and tiktok. i've never had an appeal to social media. i think it's because i grew up with the old web and spent a lot of time browsing the internet when i was younger.. i still spend a lot of time on the internet (;´∀`). this site is being developed on a 1920 x 1080 resolution. may not look as intended on larger resolutions.