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welcome to my page :D i created this page to share things i enjoy with others who also enjoy those things! i'm probably going to write about many different things here including: animanga, movies, games, books, music, and my thoughts on certain topics. i originally created this page to express myself. i feel as though expressing your personality in a way that is most comfortable for you is something that is very important. i love talking about my interests to people who enjoy the same things i do! i'll definitely write about my interests more in my "about me" section and plan on making shrines and a gallery but until then, i'll just write about the site even though i'm not sure what else i should write about...i guess the main reason i made this site is because i don't really like using instagram and tiktok. i've never had an appeal to social media. i think it's because i grew up with the old web and spent a lot of time browsing the internet when i was younger.. i still spend a lot of time on the internet (;´∀`).

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changed the home page, i think having two "navigation pages" is a little silly so now its just the lucky star one. i'll probably pick this up again; i've had a lot of ideas for things. might change color palettes and stuff but we'll see.


finished the dream log! working on the diary part..i decided to do some javascript for the diary so its gonna be done in a couple days. thats all for now! edit: i decided i don't wanna do any javascript... 10.10.22


i think i finished my about me! i changed some background stuff and added more about my interests and pieces of my favorite media. i was really dreading working on it since ive been busy lately but it's finally done so woohoo!! the next thing i plan to work on is my media and reviews, and maybe get my diary going! my gallery will probably be done very last because i have so much stuff i wan't to put in it so it's gonna take some time to figure out how i want it to be set up. i also made a pink button varient!


added a guestbook and finished homepage. i did add a visitor count but FC2counter won't let me login for some reason so that sucks but it'll be up and running again soon enough! (;´∀`)b i also made a button today so woohoo!! i wanna add music buuuut... i cant think of anything! im definitely gonna continue working on my about me for the next day or so. there's a lot i wanna do with it :] i still have to add links to the link section but that'll be done soon!

started 10.4.22

Konata Izumi - Lucky Star