dream log

i had a little black cat and he looked a lot like this one. i thought he looked like the susuwatari from spirited away but i couldnt remember the name of them so i just named him thing. i took him everywhere with me in a little basket and when it was time for bed i would leave him in his basket to sleep but i always woke up to him in bed with me.

date unknown

i always think about this dream since it was very significant to me at this point in my life. i can't recall when i had the dream but i do know i had this dream between late 2021 and mid 2022. the dream started off with me ending a day at school and walking out to the parking lot with my friends. the parking lot was oddly close to the school and the school looked more like a cathedral than a school. the faces of my friends didn't seem familiar to me, in fact it looked like someone smeared their faces around like frosting so i'm not sure what they looked like. afterr me and my friends had finished talking, they left and went home and i was stuck at school for a bit until a black truck pulled up to seemingly pick me up. the windows weren't tinted at all and i could see right through them. i saw a boy with glasses and very pale skin to the point you could see some of the veins in his face. it wasn't an unhealthy pale though. he had a shaggy haircut that was perfectly styled that it didn't cover his eyes. his hair was very black and wasn't soft nor grainy but a mixture of the two. when he got out of his truck to greet me, he was wearing a grey t-shirt, black pants and black shoes. i hugged him briefly but it didn't feel like i was hugging anyone. we pulled away from each other and we both smiled at each other. i noticed he was quite fit but still scrawny when he turned around to get back into his truck. i went around the back of the truck to get in. at this point we still hadn't said anything to each other but there was definitely a strong connection between us. after i got into his truck he handed me cookies and milk. specifically the "grandma's vanilla sandwich cookies" which have been my favorite cookies for years. the milk was whole milk but i'm not sure what brand. i smiled at him instead of saying thank you and stuffed them into my bag and he drove me back home. im not sure if we lived together or if i was just visiting him but i feel like we lived together because i felt very safe and comfortable in his home. when we got to his apartment we both took of our shoes and i put my stuff away. i noticed his living room and kitchen were very empty; no pictures, decorations, appliances, nothing. this didn't make me uncomfortable but rather confused. i ignored it and joined him on the couch in his living room. the couch was a futon and it was very squeaky. i laid my head on his shoulder and we watched tv, i have no clue what we were watching but i think the tv was on mute or just had no sound because it was very quiet. we still hadn't said a word to each other and we stayed like that for a while. i've assumed this boy was my boyfriend and i don't know his name. he's appeared in many other dreams but i don't remember them as much as this one as it is the first dream i had of him. although he didn't/doesn't have a name, i've associated the letter "X" with him.