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hi, im kanna! im the webmmaster of this site! i absolutely love old tech and anything and everything retro! i have a very small collection of old/early 2000's tech. the playstation2 and the ds are two of my favorite consoles. one year for christmas, my grandma got me a DSi with kingdom hearts 358/2 days and i can't even begin to explain my love for the franchise since i started playing it. i also really like final fantasy! some of my favorite final fantasy games are ffvii - ffx. i also like some of the dissidia games! currently, i've only played dissidia for the psp (not nt the other one). im an absolute sucker for men with spikey hair and big swords (> ་། <). i have a small collection of final fantasy stuff that i'll show off eventually but most of my collection is packed away a storage unit. i only have my manga and dvd collection with me now. i have a small assortment of cds. my entire collection is rather small. if i had the money it'd be far bigger (/ε\*). i really like playing rpgs and rhythm games and sometimes visual novels/dating sims! i've been playing rhythm games (and rpgs) for longer than i can remember. the only rhythm games i play now are PJSekai and Project Diva (im a vocaloid fan but more about that later). i've tried out other games but for some reason im always really bad at them lol. if you play rhythm games, im sure its relatable; being so used to one game that it takes you a while to get used to another one! or maybe its just me..? i like all different kinds of music but mostly breakcore, hardstyle, speedcore, and the classic 2000's emo.

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animanga: berserk, evangelion, alita: battle angel, blade of the immortal, cardcaptor sakura, dorohedoro, elfen lied, goodnight punpun, ghost in the shell, given, gantz, jjba, fruits basket, soul eater, nana, rurouni kenshin, space patrol luluco, serial experiments lain, durarara, watamote

games: final fantasy (7-10, dissidia), kingdom hearts, devil may cry, silent hill, fatal frame, project diva, yume nikki, parasite eve, resident evil, the legend of zelda, nier: automata

movies n shows: girl interrupted (i love winona so much(☆ω☆*)),ocorpse bride, jack and the cuckoo clock heart, all of the final fantasy movies, nausicaä of the valley of the wind, scream, fast and furious:tokyo drift (theres just something about it), the walking dead, the evil dead, 10 things i hate about you

and all sorts of music but theres so much that id rather write about it seperately :3

now playing: ape escape 3: training room (extended)

minature doll houses, art, coding, lost media, vocaloid, retro and vintage technology, fashion, dolls, horror, gothic literature, geography, writing, cooking, music, psychology, robots, cosplay (i dont cosplay but i really love seeing others cosplays!), retro futuristic, nails, magazines, technology, figurines, music (of all kinds, feel free to recommend songs!), toys, collecting, swords, fantasy and scifi stuff, mythology (more but i'll add them when i think of them)

this awaits an entry!
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