hi, i'm kanna. i've been working on this site for a while and if you've been around here before, you might know i really enjoy stuff from the early 2000's and late 90's (the peak of media) and i want to share that with others. i originally started this site to archive things i enjoy and to share my interests with others. i mean, that's the point of a webpage, right? when i had first started the site, it wasn't really the way i wanted it to be. i really wanted to make something that would fit with all of the media and stuff that i enjoy on the site so i started over. i also (poorly) put this site together so i can practice HTML and CSS. now, it's probably super obvious but i'm not the best at either. i guess that doesn't really matter since its just a hobby. i do plan to build websites as a career in the future so what better way to practice than this, right? as the site goes on, you'll definitely get to know me more if you don't already. there's so many things i enjoy and i'd love to share it with people who also enjoy those things. thank you for reading and enjoy your time here. kanna, out. 6.16.22
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